Three New Jewelry Color Combinations For Every Day

Wearing jewelry is important for many women because the pieces accessorize an outfit. It can give the finishing touches to an outfit for every day looks. Here are three new jewelry color combinations to consider for every day.
Green And Blue Jewelry

Green and blue jewelry looks great with solid colored black, blue and green outfits. It picks up the colors in the dress, suit or pantsuit and makes them look more striking.

Red And White Jewelry

The red and white jewelry is really popular in the spring. It gives an added flare to many different outfits. This can be worn for work or other outings during the day to create a very nice impression.

Brown And Tan Jewelry

Using brown and tan jewelry is becoming more popular. It plays down an outfit to make it more subdued so it can be worn for all different reasons. This is great for business or casual outings that a woman wants to look great, yet not draw to much attention.

Using these color combinations in jewelry will really make a difference in your looks. Don’t forget to use earrings, necklaces, pins, bracelets and watches to really make your wardrobe look its very best.

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